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Los Coyotes Elementary School

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Meet your Principal


Mrs. Robyn Yarbrough

Mrs. Robyn Yarbrough has been the principal of Los Coyotes Elementary School since August 2011. She has worked for the Centralia School District since 1998, when she was hired as a classroom teacher. She has also worked as an Instructional Teacher on Special Assignment and a Community Liaison. Prior to her arrival at Los Coyotes, she worked at Danbrook and Walter Knott Schools. Under her leadership, Los Coyotes continues to thrive as one of the most outstanding public elementary schools in Orange County, garnering the  California Distinguished School award in 2015, and the Gold Ribbon award in 2016.

Mrs. Yarbrough earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the same institution. She plans to return to CSUF within the next two years, becoming a Titan for the third time, and obtain her doctorate.

The philosophy that permeates all of Mrs. Yarbrough’s decisions and actions is that a high quality education is a fundamental right for all children, and is a critical component in raising citizens who can actively and effectively engage in a challenging society.  To that end, it is our school’s mission to provide the foundational learning upon which our students will build.

This year we look forward to implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and continuing to build our STEM program.

Robyn lives in Buena Park with her husband of 31 years. They enjoy traveling, and are devoted Seahawks fans, making an annual pilgrimage (or two, depending on if they make the play-offs) to Seattle for a home game. Feel free to ask her why 12 is her favorite number! Her eldest son is a computer software engineer, and her youngest son graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and is working as a freelance writer.  Both sons, of course, are CSUF Titans.  They share their home with assorted lost and found animals; the current inventory being three cats and one very large dog named Bronn.