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Los Coyotes Elementary School

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management Plan

Dear Parents,


At Los Coyotes School, we have adopted five simple, yet important school-wide expectations: be Positive, show Respect, have Integrity, be Dependable, and demonstrate Excellence at all times.


We also have a Discipline Plan in our classroom to promote a positive learning environment. My aim is to create a classroom environment where I can teach and students can learn most effectively. To achieve that goal, we have the following rules:


  • Be Safe!
  • Be Polite!
  • Be Ready to Learn!


To record behaviors, we are using a web-based program called “ClassDojo.” Throughout the school day, students may be awarded positive points for positive behaviors and negative points for negative behaviors. I will be sending an invitation letter to join ClassDojo, so you should be able to create a login to check on your child’s behavior any time.


Students may receive a point for the following positive behaviors: active listening, hard work, following directions, helping others, on task, participation, persistence, and teamwork. On the other hand, students will be deducted a point for the following negative behaviors: off task, bothering neighbors, not listening, not polite, not safe, restroom immediately after recess(unless it is an emergency), making inappropriate noise, poor line behavior, talking, and being unprepared.


Students are encouraged and acknowledged for their good behavior.  I provide “rewards” such as smiles, praises, and privileges.  Other rewards will follow throughout the year such as a trip to the prize box or lunch with the teacher.


It is important that each student follows the classroom rules in order to create a positive educational climate and to maximize our learning time together. I would appreciate it if you would discuss your child’s behavior, both positive and areas needing improvement, and follow up at home as well. This home-school collaboration will make this a successful and fruitful year for every student!


Thank you for your support!

Ms. Laszlo