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Los Coyotes Elementary School

Allyson Zaret » Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

It's going to be a great year for superheroes!
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The Latest Information

Three new posts are on our website:
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Lots of Information!

Please visit our class website for the latest information...
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"I Love Math" and Lots of Posts, Photos, Videos, and Important Information

"I Love Math"
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New posts
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Website Update

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Don't miss our most recent posts, or getting information about Valentine's Day and the Winter-Valentine's Day Party (you're invited)!
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Most of the posts (above) include photos and/or videos in the post and/or a page under Photos & Videos. Enjoy!

New Posts, Photos, and Videos

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New Posts, New Photos, and a Renovation Update

Demolition dates have changed, so please read the information at the end of this post so you know what to expect when we return to school in January!

Then, visit our website for the 9 new posts (renovation + 8 more) and 7 new pages of photos (Photos and Videos in the right column).
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What to Expect When We Return 
from Winter Break

*When I first explained to my class how construction would impact our class, the kids responded with, "Miss Zaret, we can do it -- we're superheroes!"  That is a fantastic attitude to have during our construction adventures!*

Keeping in mind that construction plans can always change, this is the most up-to-date plan for January 6-17.

1) Demolition is scheduled in our building, including the rooms adjacent to room 3. (Yes, the original plan was for demolition to be completed/mostly completed by the time we returned, but... construction plans change!)

2) Due to the extra loud noise from demolition, we are planning on being in the daycare portable C-12 “full time” for those two weeks.

3) During the entire time of demolition, we will only go back to our room to work IF there are large blocks of time that the construction will not involve loud noise or during the workers’ lunchtime.

4) Some routines will stay the same.

a. Kids will put away backpacks, lunches, etc. and line up on the K yard.

b. Recesses and lunch/lunch recess will remain the same.

c. Kids will be dismissed from the Kindergarten yard (as explained in Dr. Wong’s letter re: renovation on December 18).

5) There will be some changes to the routine.

a. We will go into room 3 first thing in the morning so students can get their supplies.

b. We will spend the school day in C-12.

c. We may return to Room 3 to work, but only if there are blocks of time without demolition noise (described in #3).


… My priorities are 1) to continue our progress in Kindergarten with as few interruptions as possible, and 2) to make sure my kids feel safe and comfortable with the changes in our routine.

… Parents should communicate with me regarding concerns or questions, or to let me know of concerns your child may be having.

Thank you for your continued support!

Renovation Information: Dr. Wong's Letter and Info for K Parents

Don't miss the letter from Dr. Wong about the Los Coyotes Renovation Project - Construction Phase 1!  The letter was sent home with your child; it is also in our LiveBinder for Parents.

In addition to the information shared by Dr. Wong, Kindergarten parents need to know:

1) Parking in the south parking lot will be extremely limited.

2) When parking (both before and after school), please consider using the north parking lot.

3) A supervisor will now be in the Kindergarten yard from 7:30 - 7:50 a.m. every morning.

4) Kindergartners may wait in the K yard as early as 7:30 a.m.

5) You may find it easier to use the drop-off lane (7:30 a.m. and after) than to find parking!

*The information (above) is also on our class website

*For Dr. Wong's letter, please see LiveBinders for Parents under the tab School Policies, Guidelines, and Information, and the subtab LC Renovation Letter - Dr. Wong

Renovation and Remodeling -- KID STYLE!!

I've added two posts to our class website about "Renovation and Remodeling." 
The first post, "Renovation and Remodeling," is a summary of the parent letter that was sent home the week of December 8.  There is a copy of that letter in our LiveBinder for Parents, as well as on this site.  (The link is in the box on the right.)
The second post, which I am including below, shares the highlights from a discussion I had with the students today. I wanted them to know what to expect with the upcoming construction at our school.
Renovation and Remodeling -- KID STYLE!!
1) They have many people doing a lot of work to make sure they are safe and that they can keep learning.
  • I have had meetings with Dr. Wong and people from our district.
  • Our superintendent, Mrs. Martinez, visited me today.
  • I wrote a letter to their parents.
2)  They don't need to worry.
  • I will tell them everything they need to know.
  • I will still meet them in their lines on the K playground each morning.
  • I will make sure they get to their parents in the afternoon.
3.  Construction can be loud, and sometimes it can be "crazy loud!"
  • They are building another wall in our classroom, so we'll have two walls helping block the sound.
  • We will still hear the sounds of the construction and the walls might even vibrate a little!
  • When it is "crazy loud," we can go to the daycare portable to work.
4.  All of us need to be flexible.
  • Being flexible means that something, like our body, can bend easily, but it can also mean that our brains can "bend" easily!
  • Having "flexible brains" means that we have a good attitude and make it work, even if it isn't what we thought would happen that day.
5)  I'm so happy I have superhero kids (and families) who have such fantastic attitudes! It is exciting to see great changes at Los Coyotes!

Mercy House, Holiday Party, Website, and LCAP Survey

Thank you very much to all of you who have signed up to send donations for the Mercy House Sock Drive or Kindergarten Holiday Party or both!  

There are still plenty of items needed, so please visit these links:
Be sure to visit our website for the most recent posts:
Yearly LCAP Survey
Zero's Visit on the 70th Day of School!
Our Second Postcard from JiJi!
The Four Seasons
How Thinking Maps Help Us
MyMath: Classify Objects
A Holiday Celebration
Introducing a Special Project
As Dr. Wong mentioned in the Sunday message, we need parents to take a few minutes and complete a Parent/Community survey on or before Thursday, December 19.  The survey was sent home with your child today.  It is also available for completion online:
Thank you for all that you do for our class and for our school!